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CH32V307 MCU Board

CH32V307 MCU Board

Ningbo Hi-tech Easy Choice Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, development, and production of CH32V307 MCU Board. Our business enjoys a stellar reputation for providing excellent service, cultivating long-lasting alliances with illustrious businesses, the government, and a sizable user base. Our areas of competence include offering comprehensive services for the development of intelligent electronic control boards, the design of mechanical and electrical control products, the development of single-chip microcomputers, circuit design, and post-production testing. We have the capacity to develop control circuits that are specialized to your needs, bringing your intended product functionality to life, whether you present us with detailed functional specifications or just a vague concept.

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Product Description

YCTECH industrial product control board development includes industrial control board software design, software upgrade, schematic diagram design, PCB design, PCB production and PCBA processing located in the east coast of China. Our company designs, develops and manufactures CH32V307 MCU board. CH32V307 series is an interconnected microcontroller based on 32-bit RISC-V design. It is equipped with hardware stack area and fast interrupt entry, which greatly improves the interrupt response speed on the basis of standard RISC-V.

Product Features

Highland barley V4F processor, the highest system frequency is 144MHz

Supports single-cycle multiplication and hardware division, and supports hardware floating-point operations (FPU)

64KB SRAM, 256KB Flash

Power supply voltage: 2.5/3.3V, independent power supply for GPIO unit

Multiple low-power modes: sleep, stop, standby

Power-On/Down Reset, Programmable Voltage Detector

2 groups of 18 general-purpose DMA

4 sets of op amp comparators

1 random number generator TRNG

2 sets of 12-bit DAC conversion

2-unit 16-channel 12-bit ADC conversion, 16-way touch key TouchKey

10 groups of timers

USB2.0 full speed OTG interface

USB2.0 high-speed host/device interface (480Mbps built-in PHY)

3 USART interfaces and 5 UART interfaces

2 CAN interfaces (2.0B active)

SDIO interface, FSMC interface, DVP digital image interface

2 groups of IIC interfaces, 3 groups of SPI interfaces, 2 groups of IIS interfaces

Gigabit Ethernet controller ETH (built-in 10M PHY)

80 I/O ports, which can be mapped to 16 external interrupts

CRC calculation unit, 96-bit chip unique ID

Serial 2-wire debug interface

Package form: LQFP64M, LQFP100

-Product application scheme

Smart Meter Solution

Speech Recognition Solution

- Encapsulation


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