Ningbo Hi-tech Easy Choice Technology Co., Ltd, a high-tech enterprise, is actively involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of NXP MCU boards. Our company's reputation is built on good credit and delivering excellent service, fostering enduring partnerships with large enterprises, government agencies, and a vast user community. Specializing in a range of professional services, we offer intelligent electronic control board development, mechanical and electrical control product design, single-chip microcomputer development, circuit design, and after-production testing. Whether you provide specific functional requirements or simply an idea, we can custom-design the control circuit to match your needs, enabling the realization of your desired product functionalities. With a strong focus on research and development, an impeccable supplier system, and a stringent quality control framework, we seamlessly execute electronic product project design, component selection and procurement, SMT paste processing, post-welding assembly, function testing, aging, and other integrated services.

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Product Description

YCTECH industrial product control board development includes industrial control board software design, software upgrade, schematic diagram design, PCB design, PCB production and PCBA processing located in the east coast of China. Our company designs, develops and manufactures NXP MCU board. NXP Arm® Cortex®-M4 Based Microcontrollers – LPC Family

The LPC microcontroller based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 core can run at a clock frequency of up to 204MHz, achieving a higher level of system integration and excellent energy efficiency.

While helping customers reduce design cost and complexity. Some of these products feature a Cortex®-M4 processor with built-in floating point unit. The LPC portfolio consists of 3 based

A family of Cortex®-M4 cores with single-core and multi-core architectures that support efficient application module partitioning and adjustable power performance.

LPC4000 Series: High Speed Multiple Connections Advanced Peripherals

Based on the Cortex®-M4/M4F core, the LPC4000 series can support

Multiple interfaces for peripherals such as Ethernet, USB (host or device), CAN, and LCD display

Synchronous high-bandwidth data streams. LPC4000 with LPC177x/8x and

ARM7LPC2x00 family of products are pin compatible with SPI flash interface

(SPIFI), which can seamlessly connect with low-cost QSPI flash memory at high speed. SPIFI to high

Cost-effective way to add megabytes of program or data flash memory to your system

in the system. LPC4000 digital signal control (DSC) processor for design engineering

division brings high-performance signal processing capabilities. These DSC processor system sets

high density, which reduces the cost and complexity of system design while using a

a single toolchain to simplify the design cycle. The LPC4000 series combines a micro

The advantages of the controller and single-cycle MAC, single instruction multiple data (SIMD) technology

High-performance digital signal processing functions such as arithmetic, saturation arithmetic and floating point unit (FPU)



➢ Applications that require externally expanded SDRAM or different flash memory configurations

➢ Embedded products that require color LCD display

➢ Occasions that require digital signal control

LPC4300 series: multi-core, high performance, multiple interconnection

The LPC4300 series combines an asymmetric dual-core architecture (Arm® Cortex®-M4F and Cortex®-

M0) high performance and flexibility, as well as a variety of high-speed connectivity options, advanced timers, analog;

Optional security features to secure code and data communications. DSP functions enable all

The LPC4300 series can support applications based on complex algorithms. Flash and no-flash options

Supports flexible internal and external mass memory configurations. Its pins and software are the same as those of the LPC1800 series

Compatible with a series of products, providing the convenience of seamless upgrades to improve processing performance, while increasing the

The flexibility to allocate application tasks reasonably among different cores.

The LPC4300 architecture uses two cores, a complex

Cortex®-M4F processor, plus a Cortex®-M0 coprocessor core. multicore

style, can easily realize split design to maximize efficiency, so that the powerful Cortex®-

The M4F core handles the algorithms, letting the Cortex®-M0 coprocessor manage data movement and I/O processing.

Multi-core mode also reduces time-to-market because design and debug are in a single development environment

Completed. These processor cores are supported by numerous high-performance peripherals, integrated interrupt control

Control functions and low-power modes can bring new methods for embedded engineers to effectively solve complex problems.

complex design issues. According to different requirements, you can flexibly choose whether to need on-chip flash memory.

target application

➢ Display

➢ Industrial Network

➢ Medical diagnosis

➢ Scanner

➢ Alarm system

➢ Motor control

target application

➢ Smart Meter

➢ Embedded audio

➢ POS equipment

➢ Data acquisition and navigation

➢ Industrial automation and control

➢ Vehicle information service

➢ White goods

➢ Electronic Instruments Motor Management

➢ Secure connection gateway

➢ Medical and fitness equipment

➢ Automobile after-sales

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