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Automatic Medical Bed Control Board

Automatic Medical Bed Control Board

Ningbo Hi-tech Easy Choice Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company that specializes in designing, developing, and producing Automatic Medical Bed Control Board. Our company's reputation is built on exceptional service and solid credibility, which has resulted in long-term cooperation with big enterprises, government agencies, and a diverse user base. Our professional services include intelligent electronic control board development, mechanical and electrical control product design, single-chip microcomputer development, circuit design, and post-production testing. We can modify the control circuit design to fit your needs, bringing your desired product features to life whether you present us with detailed functional requirements or a simple concept. Our unwavering commitment to R&D, combined with an impeccable supplier network and a stringent quality control system, enables us to execute electronic product project design, component selection and procurement, SMT paste processing, post-welding assembly, function testing, aging, and other seamlessly integrated services flawlessly.

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Product Description

YCTECH industrial product control board development includes industrial control board software design, software upgrade, schematic diagram design, PCB design, PCB production and PCBA processing located in the east coast of China. Our company designs, develops and manufactures automatic medical bed control board. Application of industrial-grade Android system touch control screen in the intelligent control system of multi-functional nursing beds in the medical industry Content brief introduction:

The "Multifunctional Nursing Bed Intelligent Control System" adopts advanced microcomputer, communication, sensor, precision machinery and other technologies, and adopts some special algorithms and various anti-interference measures in the compilation of software. The "Multifunctional Nursing Bed Electric Control System" has advanced performance, complete functions and intelligence.

The control system has functions such as alarm, automatic measurement, deformation, etc., and can be controlled by patients or nurses.

"Multifunctional Nursing Bed Intelligent Control System", as the core part of the multifunctional nursing bed, greatly improves the quality of care for patients who lack self-care ability such as hemiplegia and total paralysis, makes modern nursing work enter the stage of intelligence, and reduces the complexity of nursing work. It improves the working conditions of medical staff, reduces the pain of patients, and improves and strengthens the self-care ability of patients or disabled people.

1. Intelligent hospital bed terminal installation:

(1) Power interface: Insert the supplied switching power supply (12V/5A) DC plug into this power socket, and power on.

(2). Network interface: Insert it into any port of the router LAN (or switch) through a network cable.

2. Wiring mode of smart bed terminal and bedside lamp:

There are four sets of interfaces on the light control box, which are marked from right to left: power supply, signal, ground; power supply, door light, ground wire; switch output 1; switch output 2.

(1) Power, signal, and ground wires: connected to the power, data, and ground wires of the smart bed terminal.

(2), Switching output 1, Switching output 2: It can be connected to the bedside lamp and the lighting lamp respectively, and the switch control of 2 lights in total. Specific connection method: Connect any line of the bedside lamp (or lighting lamp) to any interface of the switch output 1 interface of the lighting control box; the other line of the bedside lamp (or lighting lamp) is connected to the 220V mains Connect any one line; the other line of the 220V mains is connected to the other interface of the switch output 1 interface of the lighting control box.

3. Number the smart bed terminal:

After the smart bed terminal is started, double-click the time display area in the upper left corner, select the basic setting icon, and enter the setting interface: enter the machine number (including: host number + smart bed terminal number), address box IP address, and machine number in sequence. IP address. Among them, "host number" is the number of the host machine to which the smart bed terminal belongs, "smart bed terminal number" is the number of the smart bed terminal, and the IP address must be a static IP.

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