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Car Driving Recorder Control Board

Car Driving Recorder Control Board

Ningbo Hi-tech Easy Choice Technology Co., Ltd, a distinguished high-tech enterprise, focuses on the design, development, and manufacturing of Car driving recorder control boards. Our unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional service has resulted in long-term partnerships with notable enterprises, government departments, and a vast user base. As experts in intelligent electronic control board development, mechanical and electrical control product design, single-chip microcomputer development, circuit design, and comprehensive after-production testing, we offer a diverse range of professional services. Whether you present specific functional requirements or just an innovative idea, we possess the capability to custom-design the control circuit, ensuring your desired functionalities become a reality. Empowered by our formidable research and development capabilities, a flawless supplier system, and stringent quality control measures, we seamlessly undertake electronic product project design, component selection and procurement, SMT paste processing, post-welding assembly, function testing, aging, and other integrated services, delivering a seamless and superior end product.

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YCTECH industrial product control board development includes Car Driving Recorder Control Board, industrial control board software design, software upgrade, schematic diagram design, PCB design, PCB production and PCBA processing located in the east coast of China. Our company designs, develops and manufactures industrial Internet of Things control board. Abstracting the application of the Internet of Things in the industrial industry, we can summarize it into four levels: data collection and display, basic data analysis and management, in-depth data analysis and application, and industrial control.

The driving recorder can be said to be a black box used by a car. It can record video and video immediately after starting the engine, and record the image and sound of the vehicle through a high-definition lens. When an accident occurs, it will immediately provide evidence to protect the driver's self-rights . After the driving recorder is installed, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of the car driving. The internal sensor can set the sensitivity of the impact force. When the external impact force is greater than the set value, the on-site data of the impact force will be recorded. , which can provide evidence for traffic accidents.

As the new type of driving recorder gradually enters the market, its function is not only a camera for recording road conditions, it can also take pictures, share videos, navigate, connect with WeChat and QQ, and even detect the air quality in the car. If such a function can meet the needs of car owners, another blue ocean may be developed in this red ocean.

The driving recorder uses the main control chip to realize the recorder function, the common ones are Ambarella, Novatek, Allwinner, AIT, SQ, Sunplus, generalplus, Huajing Branch, Lingyang (Xinding), Taixin (STK), MediaTek (MTK), etc.

The working principle of the recorder is that the light passes through the optical lens and forms an image on the image sensor. The amount of these image data is very large (a 5 million camera will generate 450M to 900M of data per second). These data must be processed and compressed before they can be stored on the card, and there are many chips responsible for processing and compressing the data, that is, the chips of manufacturers such as Ambarella and Novatek mentioned above (similar to the CPU of a computer). In addition to data compression, these chips are also responsible for correcting and beautifying the image to make the image clearer. Generally, an automatic cycle, parking monitoring and other functions are also provided.

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