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What is the control panel and how is it used?


What is the control board and how is it used?

1. Allow the user to configure the accessibility of the personal computer

Contains a variety of settings mainly for users with different preferences or computer hardware problems, such as modifying the keyboard, modifying the sound, activating high contrast mode, customizing the keyboard cursor, controlling the mouse pointer through the numeric keypad, etc.

2. Add hardware  control board

Launches a wizard that enables the user to add new hardware devices to the system. This can be done by selecting from a list of hardware, or by specifying the location of the installation file for the device driver.

3. Uninstall the program  control board

Allows users to add or remove programs from the system. The Add/Remove Programs dialog also shows how often the program is used, and how much disk space the program takes up.

4. Date and time

Allows the user to change the date and time stored in the computer's BIOS, change the time zone, and synchronize the date and time with an Internet time server.

5. Personalization (display attributes)

Loads the Display Properties window that allows the user to change computer display settings such as desktop wallpaper, screen saver, display resolution, etc.

6. User account  control board

Allows the user to control the use of user accounts in the system. It is also possible to give or revoke permissions to another user (administrator) if the user has the necessary permissions, add, remove or configure user accounts, and more.

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