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Category Editing Broadcast

The control board generally includes a panel, a main control board and a driver board.

industrial control panel

In industrial equipment, it is usually called a power control board, and the power control board can often be divided into an intermediate frequency power control board and a high frequency power control board. The intermediate frequency power supply control board is usually connected to the thyristor intermediate frequency power supply and used in conjunction with other intermediate frequency industrial equipment, such as intermediate frequency electric furnaces, intermediate frequency quenching machine tools, intermediate frequency forging and so on. The high-frequency control board used in the high-frequency power supply can be divided into IGBT and KGPS. IGBT high-frequency power supply is widely used in high-frequency machines because of its energy-saving type. The control boards of common industrial equipment include: CNC stone engraving machine control board, plastic shaping machine control board, liquid filling machine control board, self-adhesive die-cutting machine control board, automatic drilling machine control board, automatic tapping machine control board , Positioning and labeling machine control board, ultrasonic cleaning machine control board, etc.;

motor control board

The motor is the executive mechanism of the automation equipment, and it is also the most critical component of the automation equipment. If it is described more abstractly and vividly, it is like a human hand for intuitive operation; to guide the work of the "hand" well, various types of motor drives are needed. Control board; commonly used motor drive control boards are: ACIM-AC induction motor control board, brushed DC motor control board, BLDC-brushless DC motor control board, PMSM-permanent magnet synchronous motor control board, stepper motor drive control board , Asynchronous motor control board, synchronous motor control board, servo motor control board, tubular motor drive control board, etc.

Home appliance control panel

In the increasingly hot era of the Internet of Things, home appliance control boards are also integrated into the Internet of Things technology. The household control boards here refer not only to household use, but also to many commercial control boards. There are roughly several categories: home appliance IoT controllers, smart home control systems, RFID wireless curtain control panels, cabinet heating and air conditioning control panels, electric water heater control panels, household range hood control panels, washing machine control panels, humidifier control panels, Dishwasher control panel, commercial soybean milk machine control panel, ceramic stove control panel, automatic door control panel, etc., electric lock control panel, intelligent access control system, etc.

Medical device control panel

Mainly used in circuit boards on medical instruments, controlling instrument work, data acquisition, etc. The common medical instrument control boards around include: medical data collection control board, electronic blood pressure monitor control board, body fat meter control board, heart rate meter control board, massage chair control board, home physiotherapy instrument control board, etc.

Automotive electronic control board

The automotive electronic control board is also understood as: the circuit board used in the car, which monitors the driving status of the car at all times, and provides the driver with a happy journey service conveniently and safely. Common car control boards include: car refrigerator control board, car LED taillight control board, car audio control board, car GPS positioning control board, car tire pressure monitoring control board, car reversing radar control board, car electronic anti-theft device control board, Automotive ABS controller/control system, automotive HID headlight controller, etc.

Digital Power Control Board

The digital power control board is similar to the switching power supply control board in the market. Compared with the early transformer power supply, it is smaller and more efficient; it is mainly used in some high-power and front-end power control fields. There are several types of digital power control boards: power digital power control board module, lithium-ion battery charger control board, solar charging control board, smart battery power monitoring control board, high-pressure sodium lamp ballast control board, high-voltage metal halide lamp control board wait.

Communication Control Board

The communication control board literally means the control board for communication, which is divided into wired communication control board and wireless communication control board. Of course, everyone knows that China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other communication companies all use the communication control board for their internal equipment, but they only use a small part of the communication control board, because the communication control board has a wide range. , mainly according to the working frequency band to divide the region. Common frequency band communication control boards include: 315M/433MR RFID wireless communication circuit board, ZigBee Internet of Things wireless transmission control board, RS485 Internet of Things wired transmission control board, GPRS remote monitoring control board, 2.4G, etc.;


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